Last post before 2009, really?

This is a scheduled post. I’m experimenting with them. One hour ago, I’ve written what should be my last post for 2008. However, while I was coming home, I’ve worked out this one. I still don’t know if I should publish it before or after new year’s eve. You’ll see what I’ve decided at last.

Right now, I’m quite relaxed. Everything I have to do, I have done. Well, I should do my Japanese homework, but I’ll do that just after this. As I was saying, I’m relaxed. Today, I attained a peaceful state of mind. When you feel you have nothing to do. Then, you can just sit down and relax. Have a tea, a green tea with ginger, for example. Listen to the radio. Read a book. Write this. All simple things I enjoy. 😀

Looking back in time, I think I can be happy about what has happened to me in 2008. Of course, I should read all my previous posts to have a more precise overview, but in big terms, I’m happy.

  • I have a job I like, despite sometimes I feel overwhelmed, or I could certainly earn more money. I like the freedom I have. I’m not playing at the Wii everyday, as other colleagues, but I can do some experiments of my own with a real network infrastructure. That’s nice. I also still have a lot to learn. My personal wiki project will have to wait to 2009. I want to build up a personal knowledge base. Sometimes I feel dispersed. Too many things to do.
  • I also have good friends, located everywhere. Some childhood friends, that are still there to help me with my life doubts. Friends I met during my studies, and with whom I have some sporadic contact. Erasmus friends. Some new friends from the GMP, Karate, the chaplaincy… Is difficult to keep in touch with everybody, but even though we don’t speak or see each other everyday, I feel we are somehow all connected. That’s nice.
  • Training Karate again has been a blessing. Since the first day at my new dojo, I knew I was matching. I feel like home. Everybody is really friendly and ready to learn and teach. I feel part of a team, perhaps because now I can communicate in Dutch. Not as fluent as I would like, but everybody seems to agree that I speak well enough for having practiced only 2 years.
  • That’s also something I feel proud of. Learning a new language can be very difficult at the beginning, but the more you try, the easier. You don’t realize how much you have improved, until you find someone you haven’t talk to in a long time, and he is amazed of your progress. In some way, that’s why I have started to learn Japanese. It sounds very complicated (it certainly is), but taken with patience and dedication, you will learn it. I can already say some sentences, and recognize Hiragana. Next year, more!

However, “no tot és color de rosa” (not everything is so cool):

  • I miss my mountains and my family. It has already been 5 (five) years since I left my hometown to study in Barcelona. I’m used to go back and forth, and when my little niece Esperança sees a plane, she always exclaim:

    – Oh, mira, es “padrino” que vola!

    I wish I could stay more with her and Victòria. I also miss my friends in Majorca, even though I think we see each other more often when I come sporadicly than if I stayed for a longer period.

  • Lately I’m a bit disconnected of my party friends. Perhaps due to work, perhaps due to my loneliness. I’m looking for a quiet life: reading, watching interesting films, listen to Jazz… Parties are over. Am I becoming an “abuelete”?
  • My sentimental life, I have to admit, is also a bit “empty”. Perhaps I should “attack” more, instead of waiting for my “princess”, like my friends advise me. However, I feel the moment will arrive when unexpected. Well, I have to say that lately I’ve done some “slight” moves, but very “slight”. Once I gain enough confidence in myself, I think I’ll be able to add someone to my life. So, there is still hope, mum! 🙂

I think that’s all I wanted to tell about this last year…

  • Oh, wait! I’ve also been traveling. I didn’t remember because it was a long time ago, in July, the last time I traveled. Of course, going home doesn’t count as “traveling”. Flying to Majorca is not traveling, is “going home”, right? By “traveling” I mean going to another country, and try to get a touch of a new culture, a sensation, breathe the air, look at the buildings, listen to people. Looking at my Europe map, I can tell that I went to London (for work), Praha and Budapest (oh, I didn’t write anything yet!), and Scandinavia (by far the most exciting trip ever).

I really enjoyed my summer trip above the Arctic, because it was a “real” adventure, not a touristic trip on a long weekend. Two weeks of wonderful sights. Right now, it comes to my mind the quote:

– Sempre anau amb es coet a ne’s cul!

Indeed, that was the negative point. We had too little time to enjoy everything, but even though we drove more than 6000 km (and finished with our asses destroyed of sitting in the car all day), I think it was a perfect holiday. Thanks to my friends: Marga, Toni and my lovely Tux! BTW, I still have to publish the end of the story. Don’t think I have forgotten! 😉

Oh, something is happening to me… I’m just imagining myself surrounded by my friends and talking over our trip. That can be “real” fun! Can’t wait till tomorrow! 😀

Yes, 2008 was a good year. As well as the previous ones. So, why shouldn’t 2009 be a good year too? “Si és que ens queixam per vici”, would say some of my friends. If you ever feel sad, remember this: “no hay mal que por bien no venga”. Thus, enjoy life! 😉

Thanks to all of you, for being like you are, and for being there.
See you in 2009!

PS: and thanks also to Seth (was called Isis), my new IT equipment, with which I’m updating my blog lately. I’m proud of it.


2 Responses to Last post before 2009, really?

  1. johnbon says:

    Its always awesome to look back on a year and grin 🙂

  2. […] write an “anniversary post”. Things haven’t changed much since last year or even the end of 2008! Like I said, I feel too attached to my routines, and I’m hardly going out to visit new […]

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