Last post before 2009

Això ja s’acaba!

Tomorrow, 24th December (if everything goes as planned) I’ll go home for two weeks of holidays. I say “if everything goes as planned” because I’ll have long journey. In addition, this year I’ll take a suitcase with me. Quite heavy. It’s amazing how easily it can weight 20Kg. I swear I don’t take anything too heavy with me. Only some presents and clothes. :O

First, I’ll take a train (ICE121) from Delft to Düsseldorf, at 6:03. I’ll switch trains in Rotterdam (6:32) and Utrecht (7:29), and arrive to Düsseldorf at 9:20. For the first time in my life (well, second), I’ll travel in 1st class, but that is only because they were no 2nd class tickets available. I hope you’ll excuse me.

Then I have to find a way to reach the airport (DUS), probably with a regional train. My flight departs at 11:40, and arrives to PMI at 14:00. I hope to be in Sóller, my home town, at 15:00. There, one of my favourite dishes, “conill amb ceba”, will be waiting for me on the table. 😀

After a little nap, if any, I’ll be playing with my little and adorable nieces. After that, matines, and later, even though I’ll be tired, I’ll spend the rest of the night with my local friends. So,

“Fins aviat, sollerics i solleriques!” (o hauria de dir mallorquins i mallorquines?)

For the rest of my fans, I wish you a

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2009!

Enjoy every bit of it! 😉

PS: I’d probably not write anything more in this blog until 2009, so stay tuned to my Twitter account.
PS2: I guess I should write a balance over what I have been doing in 2008, but I don’t feel like it now. So you’ll have to wait. Sorry!


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