I still remember a dream from yesterday. So, before I forget, I’ll try to describe it here. It was about studies and exams. I was sitting at home, and started doing an exam. Not Maths or Physics. I think it was Philosophy. When I finished, I went to the University to deliver the exam. Then, suddenly, I realised that perhaps I should have done the exam in the classroom, not at home. Would they blame me for cheating? I never cheat on exams! However, the teacher was very kind. She took my exam and said: “It doesn’t matter, is OK.”

Related to this, I frequently dream that I have to do exams I forget constantly to go. When dreaming, I think I’m still studying, and I have some subjects to finish, but I don’t assist to the lectures. I’m always worried about that. Perhaps is that I’ll never end studying? Who knows?

Hint: this is not the last post. 😉


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