Lichtjesavond Delft 2008

Today, after working, I went to the Lichtjesavond, in the center of Delft. There were plenty of people, Glühwein, Christmas songs, a huge decorated tree, and both the Nieuwe kerk and the Oude kerk were open to the public. I’d never been inside these two churches, so I thought it was a good moment to visit them.

Both are big. On the “new” one, I’ve read some historical information, while listening to the choir. But what I liked the most was a Gospel choir in the Old Church. They are called “Rhythm & Gospel Unity Choir”, and they were singing really well. The lights were also beautiful. I enjoy it. 😀

R&G Unity choir @ Oude Kerk (1)

I don’t know exactly why they’ve organized this event, but perhaps it has something to do with Johannes Vermeer, who was sepulchered in the Old Church on the 16th December 1675. Until 21h there was a lot of people moving around, but then (perhaps due to the cold) everybody was going home, so was I.

See ya!


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