Preparing for Christmas

Christmas holidays are approaching, and that means some days of relax with friends and family. But before that happens, I need to finish some tasks and prepare everything for the new year, like reports, saying goodbye to some friends, wishing merry Xmas to others… Is a kind of stressful situation that comes year after year. I probably want to make too many things.

This year, however, I want to take it as easy as possible. I’ve already bought all presents I wanted to buy. Things I cannot buy in Spain. I feel I need to help our “economy” to survive, so I’ll do the rest of shopping at home, probably with my sister. She is good at that. 😛

I’ve also satisfied all my “social” obligations, having dinners and meetings with all my Dutch friends. Well, tonight there is still a party in Jacoba, but I feel a bit lazy to go. Is so cold outside, and I feel a bit dizzy. Sorry if I cannot make it, Iñaki and Scarlett! I still love you and I wish you the best! 😀

Xesc protegint-se del fred

The rest of this weekend I’ll be busy “organizing” my digital life, burning DVDs with Heroes episodes, pictures, etc. I’m really happy I have my several accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Shelfari, Flickr,, WordPress, linkedin, FilmAffinity, Gmail…) “more or less” up to date. I like specially Twitter, with which I can keep my fans updated with short messages, and Flickr, where I try to explain my life with pictures.

Next weekend, I’ll make a final visit to the Markt, backup all my data files (just in case I lose my HD), pack everything I don’t need in the Netherlands, write the last (probably) post of the year, and prepare my Monday’s Japanese lesson. Monday and Tuesday will go really quick, I guess. On Wednesday, I’ll be traveling! 😉

See you soon, “sollerics”!


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