Another short post to keep this blog alive. On the following picture, something is missing, but what?


Does someone know what happened? The answer, next week. 😉


As promised, the answer. Well, in fact, someone already found what was missing. Our lovely free air pump. Who didn’t use it to inflate the tires of his/her bicycle? It was so easy to do so. You could stop while going to the train station, or coming back from university. Now it’s gone. I am so sad. 😦

Apparently, the machine needed regular reparations, and the owner, not making any profit of it, has decided to stop it. When I saw it, I started thinking over an alternative, but I couldn’t find one. There is one in TU Delft, but only for students. Another one going to Den Haag, but you have to pay for air. Yesterday, before going out with my bike, I opened my wardrobe, searched for a while, and finally found my old air pump. Manually pumping air is not so easy, but it stills work. Problem solved. 😉

If everything was so simple…

I’ll upload some pictures now. See you next week!


2 Responses to Missing

  1. korrey says:

    Em… ahí no es podien unflar les rodes de la bici?

  2. Xesc says:

    Efectivament! Tenim un guanyador! 😉

    Com bé has dit, es _PODIEN_ inflar les rodes. Ara ja no. Se veu que els amos de la benzinera es varen cansar de reparar la màquina, i l’han llevada. Ara no queda més remei que inflar les rodes a casa. No conec cap lloc més a Delft per inflar-se de “guai” i sense esforç. :O

    Tot ziens!

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