– Watashi no namao wa Xesc-san desu.
– Atano wa Nihon-jin desu ka.
– Ie, watashi wa Nijhon-jin dewa arimasen shikashi watashi wa Majorca-jin desu.

That’s what I’ve learned today at my first Japanese lesson. Well, in fact, I already took a one-week course at CEO, but that was a long time ago. There may be errors, but I’m quite proud. I arrived late and still managed to say something coherent. We are quite a lot of people, perhaps 20, and very heterogeneous. There is a punk girl, a business man, and the rest young people and also some aged people that are just curious about Japanese. It’s gonna be fun!

Ah, for those interested, the three sentences above mean (more or less):

– My name is Xesc.
– Are you Japanese?
– No, I’m not Japanese, but I’m from Majorca.

Next time, I’ll try to write something in hiragana or katakana.



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