Leaving Norway

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

After our relaxing cruise, we take the car again. We drive during one hour, until we notice that we are not listening to any music. We have totally forgot about it. I’m not sure we can listen to my “repetitive” collection again. I’ll have to admit that 4 MP3-CDs are not enough for a 12-day road trip. We try to listen to the radio, and we end up with Balkan beats again. The most appreciated disks were Ray Charles, Swing and … I don’t remember.

Catarata dels salmons

Today, the only interesting thing we visited was the salmon waterfall. It was really amazing. If you paid attention, you could even see the salmons jumping to continue their way up the river. I find it incredible they can jump so high. Unfortunately, we could capture them on any digital photo. Oh, I was forgetting that we also took some pictures up a fjord. I recorded a movie, that I’ll put on Youtube as soon as possible. Yeap, I still have to upload all the videos we made.

I was sleepy the whole afternoon. No matter how many coffees we had. BTW, don’t offer, ever, coffee to Marga. She doesn’t like it. You have been warned. You’ll end up with an extra coffee and an angry face for the rest of the day. Of course, you can also save the extra coffee in a thermo. “No s’ha de perdre res!” 😉


After a lot of blurry pictures (who took the camera that day?), we finally crossed the border. We were a bit deceived, because there was practically no sign of passing a board. No customs, no guard, nothing. Only a small sign we hadn’t time to capture.

What else can I told about our leaving Norway day? We went to a supermarket, and… Oh, I totally forgot to tell that we also visited Svartisen, one of the remaining glaciers. That was also kind of deceiving, because we were expecting something… eh… bigger. The glacier has been converted in a lake, and to visit the actual remaining Svartisen, you need to take a boat and walk at least half an hour. It was damn hot, and we couldn’t afford losing more time. We took some pictures, and back to our route.

Midnight (version a)

We arrived to our camping very late. So late that the owner decided to leave the cabin open and the key inside.

– “You’ll pay me tomorrow”, he said.

That was quite surprising. I can’t imagine that in a camping in Spain. People will be afraid you go without paying (or destroy something). Here it’s different. Everybody seems very “civilized”. You see lots of different people at campings. Families, young people, moto riders… No problems.

To be continued…

Well, I think that’s all for today. I could tell you that we had a tasty dinner, but I am too tired to continue. I guess I need some sleep. I’ve just realized that I’m writing about what happened one month ago! :O

I know I’m a bit slow narrating our adventures, but I’m quite busy right now. I’d also like to explain more funny details, and use appropriate vocabulary (English is not my mother tongue). Too ambitious, maybe. My idea was to release all chapters before going on holiday, but I have to be realistic. It won’t be possible. I’m afraid that the story will end here. At least temporarily. I’m sorry. I’m only afraid not to be able to continue (as has already happened with Look left, Look right and Mammout’s trip) when I come back. We’ll see.

Next chapters may be:

  • Last miles
  • Goteborg
  • Stockholm
  • Back home!

Scandinavia 2008 collection

All pictures until today are on Flickr. I made some arrangements, so every post has its own set now (more or less). With so many pictures, I understand it’s the best way to do it. A set with 2000 photos is not fun to browse. The rest has also been uploaded, but needs to be tagged and edited.

Have fun and see you in September! 😉

PD: pels sollerics, arribaré a Mallorca diumenge capvespre, i estaré disponible de dia 11 fins dia 25 d’agost. Dues setmanes de vacances. Ja en fris! 😀



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