Lofoten islands

Sunday, 6 July 2008

When I come back from the showers, Marga has good news. We have a reservation for tomorrow in the Hurtigruten! We’ll depart from Stokmarknes, around 13h. So today we have plenty of time to visit the Lofoten islands! An exciting day is awaiting. Let’s go! 😀

Norway sights - teulades

We first visit Sto, from where you can go on a whale safari. As usual, our agenda and budget don’t allow us to take the boat. But we are (or at least I am) not very interested in whales anyway. Then we go to our next camping, in Sandsletta. We have chosen this location because it is near from Stokmarknes and the Lofoten. To arrive there, we have to take a ferry from Melbu to Fiskebol. The trip, even if short, is exciting. We feel so free!

Melbu - Fiskebol

Some kilometers later, we arrive to the camping. For the first time we can have warm lunch. Sandsletta camping has been recently renewed, and the receptionist is very friendly. He even speaks Catalan! He is a Swedish guy that went to Salou (?) Vilafranca some years ago, because of his girlfriend. Now he lives in Norway, and speaks fluent Spanish and Catalan. Amazing. Comfort level is raising. In this camping we can even take a boat or canoe for free, and navigate in a small lake. Yuhu!

Jacuzzi in Sandsletta

After a surroundings exploration, we also find a sauna and a jacuzzi. It’s perfect to have some beers with your friends and just relax, like a borrel! However, after having lunch, it starts to be late. Marga urges us to continue. No siesta, no sauna, no canoeing allowed. We go directly to the Lofoten.

– Destination?
– Å.

“Å”, also called “Å i Lofoten”, is one of the shortest names for a city. Actually, the name has a circle in top of the A, but I don’t know how to write it… Anyway, the 150km of road are really spectacular. We cross bridges, we drive under the sea through a 1776m tunnel, we pass small villages, we take pictures, we swim in the cold waters of the Arctic, and time flies! When we arrive to our destination, is already midnight!

Lofoten islands - beach

Looking at the midnight sun is incredible. The sun is just there, high on the sky, forever!

Looking at midnight sun in Lofoten

I call my mum to tell her that I’m still alive. She’s also very excited by her trip to the Expo in Saragoza. She can’t stop talking. It seems that the Expo is too big, and you have to queue for hours! Not nice for aged people. Rafa Nadal has also won Wimbledon. My father, one of his fans, must be euphoric. Oh, I can hear him shouting of happiness. Hehe. When I tell my mum that we’ve already done 4000km, she can’t believe it. She thinks we are all mad. Perhaps she’s right. 😉


After talking with my family, and testimonial pictures taken, it’s time to go back home. It’s late, so Toni takes the control and drives back in “rally” mode. Marga gets annoyed, because she can’t take all the photos she wants. We are going too fast. Well, “too fast” means at the fastest speed we can drive on that road. Usually, max speed on the Norwegians roads are 60 or 80 km/h. You never know when the restriction ends. Whenever we see a 60 limitation, we reduce, but we soon “forget” that indication.

Midnight sun at Lofoten - road

I take time to write some notes on my diary. Most of them are written on the blog. One that could resume our day is

– M’està entrant son… Són prop de la una i encara no hem arribat. La posta de sol és interminable. Hem creuat ponts, tunels per davall l’aigua… Hi ha muntanyes per tot!

Sights are spectacular, but I also liked the road. All bridges and tunnels are built with care, and they are very well entertained. Driving on a tunnel under the sea is exciting, as it’s going through a narrow one-lane bridge.

When we arrive to the camping, around 2 o’clock, Toni proposes to take the oars and make a tour with the canoes. We were talking about that in the car, but I thought he was kidding> Now I see that he’s serious about it. Ummm… Why not? I really want to sleep, but it’s now or never! No time tomorrow. Marga goes to sleep, tired of us. We are incorregible. Canoeing is not possible, but we take a little boat and I learn how to row. It’s fun! 🙂

Rowing at midnight

When we come back to the quay, we see Marga taking pictures. She could not sleep without us. Oh! We decide to make another tour with the boat. I’m afraid to fall into the water, but no. Everything goes all right. I’m very happy. We’ve done a lot of things today. 😉

Last note

– És hora d’anar a jeure. Es meu G-1000 estan “garantitzats”. Eixuguen aviat. Després de banyar-me el cul a sa barca, ja estan eixuts. Mola!



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