Norwegian coast

Saturday, 5 July 2008

11h Avui ens hem aixecat a bona hora. Dormir, encara que no ho paresqui, va bé. 🙂

From this day on, I start writing on my diary the number of kilometers done every day. Our odometer counts 3120km. As usual, someone prepares coffee and breakfast, another one cleans and start packaging, etc. We start to be organized, and try not to lose time. We are in Norway, and there are a lot of things we want to see. At 12h, someone from the camping staff comes to our cabin to see if “we are leaving”. Departure time is 12h, and it seems that this is a busy camping. In fact, I think all the cabins are used. We’ll have to hurry!

Norway sights

Our goal is to visit the Lofoten islands, but probably we’ll have no time today. We decide to take it easy and go through the coast, avoiding the E6 as much as possible, and sleep in the closest camping. BTW, I’m very happy with my new socks. I bought a Smartwool pair of socks, because the sales person told me that you could wear them 5 days without washing them. You won’t believe me, but it’s true. I think today is the third day I wear them, and they don’t stink. Well, perhaps you should ask Marga and Toni. Anyway, they are very comfortable. You don’t “feel” them, if you understand me. They are the perfect match for my Bestard boots. I’m very proud. That said, let’s continue with our story. 😉

Norway sights - road

Weather is incredibly good. Sights are wonderful. Only problem is that from time to time we have to stop to let local people pass us. We are going too slow. Now we understand all those guiris that come to visit Majorca. I guess that for them Majorca is also very beautiful. Well, for us also it is. But this is different. 😉

Old wooden house

We also have some conflict with a mama bird protecting her little ones. It’s funny to see how she is attacking us. Now, she is bombarding me! Ahhh!!! 😀

– Que no és hora de berenar? Tenc fam!

No, I don’t think the five-meals-a-day concept is working. They are conspiring to make me starve. Lunch time is approaching. Well, today we left our camping late, so our meals schedule is suffering. Hopefully, I have my digestive cookies. They are very handy when you are hungry. We finally find a perfect place to have lunch. The most peaceful place we could ever find. There is a river, with some rocks where we can seat and eat our sandwiches. After lunch, time for a coffee, and then, time to swim!

Coffee at the river

Water is perfect. It’s cold, of course, but you can swim without freezing. I wish we could stay more, but we have a busy agenda. I’ll remember this moment as one of the best of the trip. 🙂


We decide to sleep in Sortland. The camping is not so comfortable as the others, and you have to pay 10NOK for a shower, but is still a camping. A difference with the campings in Sweden is that the kitchen was there always furnished. Here you only have a fireplace and a fridge. There are no pans. We ask the owner for one, and she gives it to us, but she is a bit afraid we’ll destroy it. It’s a brand new frying pan. We assure her we’ll take care of it. We also ask her how to visit the Trollfjord. She tell us that the best way is to take the Hurtigruten, but there are no places available for tomorrow. We’ll have to wait one day. Ummm… That breaks our plans. She gives us some information. We’ll think about it later. First, we should have dinner…

Norway sights - bridge

We go to the only supermarket that is open until late. When is time to pay, I try with my Maestro, even though I know for sure it will not work. It works in Sweden, it works in Finland, but no way in Norway. So I try with my french VISA, but it doesn’t work neither. Then I call Marga for help, but her VISA doesn’t work neither. The girl attending us also call for help. She doesn’t know how to deal with us. Toni’s VISA (our last hope) doesn’t work. Her colleague told us to pay with cash. There is cash machine nearby, and he helps us to take the money. The queue after us starts to grow. We feel a bit embarrassed for the situation, but we will laugh afterwards, remembering it as the “odyssey to pay in a supermarket” incident. 😀

Carrito de sa compra noruec

After dinner, Marga says (as usual),

– “Jo faria un planning.”

We discuss about the Hurtigruten, and we all agree to pay for a day of relax in a cruise. If we are able to take our car with us, then it will be perfect! We save one day driving, we see the Trollfjord and we relax while looking at the Norwegian coast. It sounds nice. In addition, tomorrow we can visit the Lofoten islands! Well, we still have to look if there is a place available for us on Monday, but we are already excited. Yuhu!

Sortland cabin

Now, “a fer nonitas”. (don’t worry, I’ll make a glossary with all those Catalan expressions at the end of the story) 😉



3 Responses to Norwegian coast

  1. Tomeu says:

    Cinc dies amb els mateixos calcetins… Pobres Marga i Toni!!!!!!!!!! jajajaja

  2. Tomeu says:

    Després d’una àrdua tasca d’investigació, i d’entrevistes amb els implicats, m’han confessat que això dels calcetins que es poden dur cinc dies seguits sense que facin olor… ÉS UNA LLEGENDA URBANA. En Toni, en un elogiós gest de companyerisme, no ha arribat a dir-ho, sortint amb expressions del tipus “el fred ajudava” i “tampoc els vaig ensumar de molt a prop”. Però na Marga no ha tengut tants de problemes per dir el que tots pensàvem.

    Venga Xesc, mos veim la setmana que ve. Espero que arribis amb ganes d’organitzar sa Costera 2008, perquè aquí no hem mogut ni un dit. Ara bé, no sé què passa que tothom em telefona per veure com ho tenim (en Curro divendres, en Pere diumenge i en Busquets avui). Jo a tothom li dic que tu arribes diumenge i que ho posaràs en marxa, jajajaja

  3. Xesc says:

    Jejeje, molt bona aquesta de sa costera! Ho sabia cert… xDDDD

    Bueno, si arrib sencer, i si arrib, perquè encara no tenc molt clar com anar de Delft a Dusseldorf, organitzarem coses. Això sí, en arribar a sa Costera que ningú me maregi ni me xerri d’ordinadors…. Esper sobreviure fins diumenge, que amb aquest ritme que duc de no dormir… Malo.

    Au, cap a casa a sopar i penjar fotos!!! (les de Lofoten ja estan)

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