Lapland to Tromso

Friday, 4 July 2008

I wake up early, and, as promised, I cook some pannekoeken for breakfast. I haven’t slept very well tonight, even though we have a wonderful house, because it was too hot. After our sauna, the whole house became an oven. At 2h, I discovered that you can actually open the windows without getting mosquitoes in. Then I could sleep a bit. After a while, Marga helps me preparing the luggage. Toni is still sleeping like a baby. 😀

Bus stop

After a luxurious breakfast, we leave Levi in direction to Norway. We drive through small and deserts roads, until we finally see a bus. There are plenty of bus stops, but we couldn’t imagine someone is stopping there. Then we discover that the bus driver is also delivering the post. So it makes more sense to have so many stops.

Sami souvenirs shop

We continue through the E8. After many kilometers, we find some souvenir shops. In the first one, the owner can hardily speak English. Well, in fact, I guess you don’t need it. You just have to point to what you want and ask how much it costs. Then we find a bigger one, where we buy some souvenirs. I hesitate (as usual) on buying a mosquito-shield-cap, and a wooden cup. I should have bought it, of course. There is also a fuel station close to the shop, so we fill up our deposit. There is still a long way in the desert Lapland. 😉

Still a long way

Along the way, we’ll find some real Sami souvenir shops, with a lot of beautiful things we’ll not buy because we always wait to see other shops. Ay… We’ll also finds some moose.

Should we cross?

We are driving very close to the Swedish border, and at some point in time we start seeing some mountains with snow. That seems to be Norway! When we enter the new country, the countryside changes completely. We are entering the mountains, with amazing waterfalls, and the road is plenty of curves. We cannot stop looking through the windows.

Arribam a Noruega!

I cannot describe what we saw. I think is just better to take a look at my photostream (I’ve created a set only for Norway). When we reached the sea, there was a climax. What you cannot feel in the pictures is the fresh air of the sea in your face. Well, more than fresh, cold air. Then we stopped and run into the beach, playing around like kids.

Norwegian sea between rocks

The whole area is plenty of fjords, high mountains, rivers, waterfalls. You can feel the life in there. After a lot of photostops, we arrive to Tromso. The city is situated on an island, in middle of the sea. You have to cross a long bridge to reach the center, but our camping was on the other side. The cabin is not so spectacular as our last apartment, but it’s fine. When we ask for kitchen tools, we get a backpack with a frying pan, a boiling can, a pasta spoon, and a knife. Tonight, our dinner will not be rather simple. We eat pasta with tuna and tomato sauce. We could have added the mushrooms (that came from Sweden), but we forget. Next time.

Sopant a Tromso

After dinner, we decide to go for an excursion to the surroundings. We wanted to use the cableway to get a panoramic view of the city, but we are not lucky with the weather. We hesitate, and we finally decide to walk instead. We enter in a forest, and go up for a while. However, after half an hour, we are still far from the top. We see a trained walker descending fast. We ask him how much we have to walk. He looks at us and say:

– Well, if you are trained, it’s one hour and twenty minutes from the bottom to the top, but you are not even at a third part.

Then we realize that we’ll never reach the top in time, and start descending. Marga has troubles with her camera. Buttons are not responding. We tell her that is probably due to the cold air, but she is still worried.

Tromso des del bosc

Next visit is the cathedral, an impressive building. However, it’s only open for concerts, so we watch it from outside. Next time we’ll take a look inside.

Catedral Tromso davant

After a midnight group photo, it’s time to cross the bridge and visit the city center. BTW, I think this photo is the first one where we appear with our warm clothes (gloves, scarf, jackets, cap…). At last it’s cold! I thought we will never use them. I can’t imagine how cold this place can be in winter. Brrrr…

Foto de grup a Tromso, fa fred!

We arrive home at 1h30, exhausted and sleepy. We decide to sleep “fins que es cos digui basta”. 🙂

Last note

Anam a dormir tard i aixecar-se prest està passant factura. estic zombie… I na Marga no atura de xerrar. Apart de no dormir estam narats de per tot per l’exercit de mosquits….

I’m unable to read the rest. I guess that I felt asleep. 😛



2 Responses to Lapland to Tromso

  1. Tomeu says:

    Sorprèn veure com un dia no podeu dormir de calor i al dia següent anau tapats de dalt fins baix per fred que fa. La darrera foto, la dels abrics i les gorres, està feta a mitjanit? Si és així ja es comença a notar MOLT la claror!

  2. Xesc says:

    Sí, a les 00h11. Quan camines pels carrers tens la sensació de que són les 7 del matí, i que te’n vas cap a casa a dormir, com si haguéssis anat de marxa. És la mateixia sensació perquè, efectivament, encara no has domrit, i te notes cansat, però encara fa claror… Puc fer coses…

    Espera a veure les fotos de les Lofoten. Jo ahir quasi me cauen ses llàgrimes d’emoció. Si tot va bé avui publicaré dues entrades més. Ja no me queda quasi temps, i el dissabte s’atraca… Vull tenir-ho tot publicat abans de venir. :O

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