Liant-la al Evoswitch Datacenter

Friday morning I went, together with JW and Ole, to install a new server for our TOPdesk SaaS. It cost us more time to enter the datacenter than actually mount the server. In fact, I broke the brand new digital system for security access (something called SAR).

En Xesc ja l’ha tornat a liar!

There is a machine that takes a picture of your face, and then 3 fingertip scans of your right index finger and then 3 more of the left one. Afterwards, it will ask you to scan your passport. Helaas, it works only with Dutch passports, not with the rest. Thus, when I put my Spanish ID card in the scanner, it didn’t work, and when I reverse it… Well, then I crashed the system. The usual message appeared:

Este programa ha realizado una operación no válida y se cerrará.

When we closed the window with the error message, something similar to the following appeared in the screen:

Buiten dienst (out of service).

As you can imagine, I could not stop laughing. I did not laugh externally, of course, but inside me I was amazed. How can this happen? Again! Unfortunately, we could not take any photo. The woman in charge of the reception was not very surprised, so perhaps I was not the first one. Then we switch to the traditional (and more reliable) method. We wrote our names, ID number and signature in a sheet of paper. However, we could not open any door, because you have to use your finger to do that, if the digital system works.

Apart this incident, the datacenter is amazing. There are a lot of power generators, and a long list of “rules” to maintain security. The server rooms are plenty of racks. Each one is protected with a lock, so only the customer is able to install there a server or manipulate the network cables. Is like on the sci-fi films. Super! 😉

Later on, at the borrel, I found a follower of Richard Stallman. I’m not alone! I also talked with other people, played at the babyfoot, drank beer, played at the Wii (I was the first to use the Wii Play game!) … until one o’clock, and I still left people behind! :-O


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