Siljan lake and surroundings

Monday, 30 june 2008

We wake up early, ready to drive as many kilometers as possible. Our plan is to reach Norway the sooner the better, because everybody says that the fjords and Norwegians mountains are spectacular. However, as always, we spend a lot of time in having breakfast, taking showers, etc. We return the key after 10h.

Cabin at Kalmarslunds camping

Our goal for today is a lake called Siljan, one of the biggest in Sweden, and then go up and reach the coast. We see lakes the whole day, as you can check in my photostream. BTW, most of the pictures are from Marga, because they are better than mine. Having a DLSR makes a difference (and also the experience, of course). As I was saying, today we will be visiting the center of Sweden, with lakes, forests and some villages. There is no much more to say. Just enjoy the pictures! 😉

Forest and lakes

On the way to Siljan lake we find some kind of monuments made to celebrate the midsummer. They are made with crowns of flowers, and people seem to dance around them. I think it’s a similar tradition to Sant Joan in Spain. You can find a lot of them on the road.

Third midsummer totem

After eating several cookies, we stop to have lunch, and then we arrive finally to Mora. From there we take the road to Sundsvalls. We would like to arrive to Umea, but we soon realize that we were over-ambicious. It’s near 19h and we still have a lot of kilometers to drive. However, we still stop at several points to take pictures.

Venga, que no arribarem mai! – says Marga.

We then decide to sleep in a camping nearby Härnösand, the Y28. Helaas, we make a mistake and drive far away. We call again and ask for more details on how to find it. I tell the rest of the group that a GPS device would have been very convenient. My comment is not very well received. In fact, we have made a very big advance. On all our previous trips, we never had even a map. Now we have two. One general map of Sweden and even a detailed one (!). Amazing!

Still a long way to go

After some more trouble, we arrive at the camping. It’s already 21h (or later!). The camping owners are very friendly, and when we ask to enter our car they reply:

– Yeesss! Don’t worry! You can park it wherever you want.

They explain to us where our cabin is, and where we can take a shower. Showers are not very clean, but I’m so desperate that I go immediately, while Marga and Toni prepare the dinner I was supposed to cook. If I remember correctly, we ate pasta with bacon, onions, eggplants (what kind of name is this?! amb lo maco que és “auberginia”) and cream. Cutting is quite difficult, because we don’t have a proper knife in our kitchen. Perhaps we should buy one (cheap) for next time. Anyway, the meal is delicious.

Inside cabin at Antjärns camping

After dinner we plan our next stage. Toni makes fun of us, because we are all day “planning”. Indeed, we are losing our “torrente” spirit. I’m tired and want to go to sleep, but they manage to make me go outside to take our midnight photo. The infamous mosquitoes make their fatal apparition. It remembers me our annual camping a Sa Costera (between Sóller and Sa Calobra, Majorca), where I always end up plenty of itching punctures. I will soon discover that, poor of me, Majorcan mosquitoes have nothing to do with Finlander ones.

Midnight sun photo at Antjärns camping

Hey, something new! I’ve managed to include a map with our daily route. If you click on View larger map, the route we followed should appear in blue. It’s actually not the one we followed, but very similar. We took a lot of smaller roads that don’t appear in Google maps. Well, I hope it can be useful to someone.


3 Responses to Siljan lake and surroundings

  1. Tomeu says:

    “I tell the rest of the group that a GPS device would have been very convenient. My comment is not very well received”.

    Com t’atreveixes a insultar a ne’n Toneti d’aquesta manera????? I no et va fer baixar inmediatament del cotxe, abandonant-te a la cuneta?????

    “Toni makes fun of us, because we are all day “planning”. Indeed, we are losing our “torrente” spirit”

    The Torrente Spirit will be there forever!

  2. Xesc says:

    Casi casi… I si, seguim sent torrentes! 😀

  3. Sullurruqus Profundus says:

    Almanco un solleric que es dedica a veure món. No ens coneixem, no som de sa mateixa generació, però gracis a nes teu blogg compartesc sa forma que tens de veure sa vida. Disfruta tant com puguis d’aquests anys “a fora”.

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