Back from Scandinavia

Yesterday, after biking 4km, traveling 750km by train, sitting 130km on a bus, flying 2200km, cruising 350km, and driving 6000km (*), I came back home.

The whole trip went incredibly smooth, with good weather conditions, and perfect timing (I didn’t miss any train or flight!). Such exciting adventure deserves a special treatment. I cannot explain the whole thing in only one post, and I need time to do it. Thus, using my personal notes and the 12GB of pictures we took during our trip (!), I’ll describe as accurate as possible our experience. I hope Marga and Toni will help me with some comments. Tux (alias Pingu, Tucsie), my lovely penguin, also came with us. I think he was the one who enjoyed the trip the most. Back to Finland! 😉

Back home. Back to work. Today, I had an “exciting” welcome: whole network was down, empty boxes and cables everywhere, phone system crashing, no fax, unending incident list… Kind of a chaos. Thus, I’ll start writing tomorrow. Next chapter will be: From Delft to Sweden. Stay tuned.

(*) All distances are, of course, approximated.


2 Responses to Back from Scandinavia

  1. Tomeu says:

    Wellcome home, Xesc!

    12Gb de fotos, no m’ho puc creure!!!!! Ni n’Aurus a Xina n’ha fet tantes!!!!!

    La pregunta important: vareu quedar sense benzina? 😉

    I el millor comentari, el de’n Tux: “I think he was the one who enjoyed the trip the most. Back to Finland!”. Molt bona!

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