At last!

I’ve just booked a train ticket and a room in a hostel, but it took me hours!!! Booking the room was a bit my fault, because I couldn’t decide which one to take. Similar prices, similar locations… I’ve finally chosen STF / IYHF Fridhemsplan, which has (they say) a kitchen, a nice breakfast buffet (I like that!) and Internet in the room, so I can write on my blog before going home. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell, I’m booking a hostel to sleep on Saturday 12, when I’ll go back home from my trip in Scandinavia. I’ll visit Stockholm on Saturday, and fly back on Sunday. The amazing thing is that I’ve finally booked the room for Friday. However, that’s not my fault!!! That crappy website (very similar to Hostels.com, BTW), is constantly moving the dates back and forward. Well, the fact is that I was on both websites, trying to decide on which one to book. One bills on dollars, the other one (apparently) in euros. One gives a discount, and the other one donates to Unicef. At the end I decided to give money to Unicef. So, I end up with the wrong booking. I hope the hostel staff can solve that. 🙂

But let’s blame the train company in Sweden. Who said that NS = kanker? The website of SJ is nice, and the booking options quite clear, but at the end I got blocked. First of all, be careful with your spelling (Göteborg is not the same as Goteborg!). Then, be careful to not select a special seat. The booking will crash! Finally, if you want to book via Internet, you need a Swedish phone number!!!! That took me a while to discover. I even browsed on the JS code to find the infamous regexp (without success, btw). They asked for a phone number, with a field like this:

[ ] - [ ]

You will expect to put your international code on the first field, and your mobile or normal phone number on the second. For example, 0034 - 645322934. Wrong! You get an error message, and worst of all, your billing data disappears. I tried everything, copy&pasting my credit card number several times. I even tried a Swedish mobile number from a friend, but no way. Until I finally saw the light. You need to put a 0 in front of the mobile code. 781 is not valid, 0781 yes. Ufff….

I don’t care about which telephone numbers they allow in their form, but at least tell me what I’m doing wrong! Not even the help helps. No description of how the number should be written. IMHO, I also don’t understand why they need a phone number, and not an international one? There is still more to complain about. If you want to complain, call them. No way to send an e-mail! 😦

I feel better now. I’ve discharged all my anger, and I’m looking forward to my ticketless with ID ticket (only password is needed to travel, no ticket). 😀


One Response to Eindelijk!

  1. Tomeu says:

    See you later alligator :-p

    Que disfrutis del viatge. A sa Costera ja ens ho contaràs tot 😉

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