Here I am, at the office, on a Saturday morning. Why? Because someone decided to cut off the water supply from 8h to 12h, and the airco in our server room is based on water. So… Here I am, trying to do something useful. When I arrived, at 7h45, there was already no water. Room was at 30 degrees. I opened the door and put the megasuperfan from Remco. Now it’s 25 degrees. Cool. One thing done. We’ll see how to restart again the airco. :O

Since I’m here I’ll update some servers, and install a temperature sensor in the server room, so we can know if it’s on fire. Today is a good day to test it. 🙂

I wanted also to finish some entries about my trip to London and Prague, but I don’t have my pictures here. Text is almost finish, btw. The true is that I’m not very happy today. Still a lot of things to do: shopping, decorating the house, cooking… The only thing I want to do is sleep!

Well, I’m gonna install the sensor. I hope not to die electrocuted with the UPS… 🙂


2 Responses to Airco

  1. Tomeu says:

    Si és que no som normals. Hauries d’haver deixat que pujàs la temperatura fins que es pegàs foc, no sense abans haver programat el tema per rebre un missatget al mòbil quan s’arribàs als 95º. Ja et veig sentint que has rebut un missatge al mòbil i rient tot sol pel mig del carrer…

  2. Xesc says:

    Molt bona… xDDDDD

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