It’s getting closer, so I finally decided to…

Dear friends,

Although I don’t usually celebrate my birthday, next Sunday I’ll be 30 years old. Yeap, who could imagine it! Time goes so fast… And well, I think it deserves some attention, isn’t it? So you’re all invited to a weekend-party in my lovely home. I’ll split my birthday in two days, because I don’t have so much space in my room, and I would like to invite quite a lot of people. I would also like to combine a “party” and a “relaxing day”.

On Saturday 12, I’m planning to have a little dinner (some pasta) around 20h, followed by the Spanish classical “botellón” till midnight. I’ll buy beer, wine, vodka, ron, tequila and perhaps something else. Of course it’ll never be enough (jejeje). Then we can go to party somewhere, but not at Speakers (nor any place with “gorillaz” that throw your bottle of water away). We’ll see… (some student party??)

On Sunday 13, after recovering from the “noche loca”, that is, around 16h, you are invited to have some tea and cookies while listening to some Jazz (or other relaxing music). Afterwards we can cook something together, and enjoy the evening. Suggestions are welcomed.

You can come either day (or both!). I’ll be glad if you can confirm assistance, especially on Saturday, to know for how many people I have to cook. Anyway, I’ll make something simple, as I don’t want to get stressed. 🙂

Ah, for those living away, 3 or 4 people can sleep at my place (not very luxurious though). Some help to buy stuff and do some preparations on Saturday afternoon will be appreciated. 😉

Well, that’s it. Thank you so much for making my life richer and more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to see you next weekend. The best present is your presence.

Peace and love,


And just to avoid “males cares”…

Beste bewoners,

Volgende zondag ben ik jarig. Ik ga een feestje, samen met mijn
Spaanse en internationale vrienden, om zaterdag avond maken, misschien
tot laat. Mijn excuses hier voor het lawaai.

Om zondag ik ga ook trakteren, met thee en koekjes, op een meer relax
sfeer. Je bent dan van hartelijke welkom.

Alvast bedankt voor jouw begrijp.




9 Responses to 30!

  1. guillem says:

    Molts d’anys! Encara que jo som més propens a celebrar potències de 2, a la llarga surt més barat 😛

  2. Aurus & Tomeu says:

    Happy birthday to you!!!

    From Aurus & Tomeu

  3. korrey says:

    Gefeliciteerd!! 😀
    Espere que haja anat bé la celebració tot i lo de l’última entrada… quina mala sort!

  4. korrey says:

    Vale, això de “waiting at home for my guests, with a Duvel, no hurry :)” sona be 😀

  5. Xesc says:

    Sip, tot va anar bé. Potser massa alcohol per a la meva edat… però ens varem divertir. Això sí, al dia següent no estava per més festes. Vaig jeure tot lo dia, maleïnt el vodka… (i el tequila, i el vi, i les cerveses). 🙂

  6. korrey says:

    Espere que pel dia de la reina estigues recuperat 😉

  7. Seppi says:

    Molts d’anys Xesc!! A ver si nos vemos, aunque sea en es Firó

  8. Eugenia says:

    Je, je ja has fet els 30! Moltes felicitats! Espero que anés ve la festa. Com prova haver passat al “3”, a mi encara em queden uns mesos i encara no noto cap símptoma estrany…

  9. xesc says:

    Bueno, jo encara me sent jove. L’esquena una mcia feta pols de seure malament a la feina, però encara aguanto. No és tan terrible com pareix. 😉

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