Paradise Now

Paradise Now, by Hany Abu-Assad, talks about the Palestine-Israeli conflict, from a suicide-martyr point. I found that movie very interesting, and that’s way I’m recommend it. It’ll make you think.

I watched it at the GMP Delft (Global Meeting Point), organized by international students from TU Delft and mainly IHE Unesco. There is always a meal and then some kind of discussion. Sometimes a movie. It is great to share ideas with people from everywhere in the world. Today, there were people from Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, India, Jordan, Italy, and of course the Netherlands. Well, I was also representing Spain.

All together we came to the conclusion that it is a complicated issue, and that more communication is needed between the parts. Both are victims and offenders. However, some people are not interested in bringing peace, while bombs, suicides and terrorists are in front cover of the news.

Sigh… I hope some day we’ll stop killing each other. Have a nice day. 🙂


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