My bookshelf will have to wait

I went to IKEA to buy some stuff to decorate my room. I bought a KILBY bookshelf, to use it instead of the old one I have right now, a cork board (?), and some shelves to put my books on it. Well, I also bought some little things, that of course were more expensive that the big ones. 🙂

Well, the case is that when I was outside, I realized it was raining. Ummm… perhaps raining is not the exact word. There was a real storm! So… another Xesc funny adventure begins! Plenty of people were fighting against the wind and the rain, but they had a car! On that moment I felt that a car will be a nice thing to have. Anyway, I’m not gonna buy a car, forget it! So… here you have Xesc with his fiets, waiting that the storm finishes, and looking at the 194cm bookshelf every five minutes. Some of my thoughts were:

– Dat ga nooit lukten.
– Damn! I hate that m@#$ f#@$% country!
– Why it has to rain every time I go to IKEA?
– What should I do?
– …

After 20 minutes of being wet outside, I convince myself that, either I should ask somebody to help me, or I should give up my KILBY mission. And as I also had my bike there, and I could not abandon it (poor bike!), I decided to return my recently acquired bookshelf. I was wondering if they’ll accept it wet as it was, but I had a nice surprise:

– Ik wil dat retourneren. (pointing to the box)
– Ok, geen problem. En welke reden?
– Nou, omdat het regenen, en het ga nooit lukten met mijn fiets.
– Oh, ja. Ik snap het wel.

And, after receiving 15 euros in cash and signing the receipt, I went back more than happy to my bike (that was still there with the rest of purchases). The bookshelf will have to wait.

When I arrived home, I was completely wet (“xop de dalt a baix” as I’ll say in catalan), but everything else was dry. Tomorrow I’ll put them on place. 😉


2 Responses to My bookshelf will have to wait

  1. Tomeu says:

    Mentre llegia el text entava pensant “jo hagués entrat de nou a l’IKEA per tornar l’estanteria”. I mira, al final ho acabares fent!

    Quin dia arribes a Sóller?

  2. xesc says:

    Arrib dia 22 a les 13h, però hi ha canvi de plans. Haurem de deixar el tapeo per dissabte 29. Dinaré a Marratxi amb sa family. Es capvespre/nit mos veim. 😉

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