Autumn is here. Leaves are falling down and the streets are full of them. Orange and yellow leaves everywhere. The air is also fresh, with a particular odor of “tierra mojada”. I don’t know exactly why, but I like this weather. I like to be at home, warm, looking through the window when it’s raining. I like to watch the tram passing one time and another, always with different pub. And people biking under the rain. In fact, it is not actually raining so hard.

Tree in front of my room (2)

This morning I took my bike and went for one of my little trips. I always take some food and water, and I never know where I’ll go and when I’ll come back. This time I end up in Rijswijk. Nothing special. In some moments it remembered me L’Hospi, with its big buildings with thousands of people living together, like in a “lata de sardinas”. But I guess there are also some nice things to visit. On the road, I saw people running, girls rowing, children playing and, for the first time, a match of feminine hockey. It was impressive. I wouldn’t like to receive a stroke from them. :O

When I was cycling, I remembered when I was in Belfort. Always cold. However, I would like to go there again. Last time was in 1996, during a French course scholarship. I would like to see again the Lion, and walk through the streets. And, of course, visit my brother Jean-Pierre. I’m wondering what he’s doing right now. I also remembered our excursions to various olivars, in the mountain. We usually went there to stay the whole weekend, when we were younger. It was very nice to eat and drink near the foganya, listening to the radio and talking. We also enjoyed playing cards, or whatever. The idea was just to be away from civilization for a while, and enjoy nature. So wonderful. I miss it.

Water reflection on the highway

In the meantime, I profit to walk and cycle through the Dutch countryside. Well, sometimes you find roads and highways. I hate to cycle nearby them, but you have to get used to it. They are everywhere. 😦

Soon winter will begin. Snow, low temperatures, darkness. Then spring, with flowers and light and joy. After that, summer. Sun, hot air, beach and festivals. And again autumn. Again and again. Or perhaps not.

PD: I’m sorry for the expressions in Spanish or Catalan I couldn’t translate. It’s a bit difficult for me to find the appropriate words in a foreign language. However, I think I should not always write in Catalan or Spanish. Only way to learn is practice. 😉


4 Responses to Herfst

  1. guillem says:

    Molt interessant tot plegat. I crec que tothom ho enten perfectament. Jo també som bastant afectat de “cataspanglish”, però mira… val més dir alguna cosa en l’idioma que sigui, que callar. Gràcies per compartir l’experiència 😀

  2. Toni2 says:

    Wey, que de tiempo sin leerte y es que ando algo (bastante) de culo con el curro y el PFC : ( Pero ya me he pegado mi buena “pechá” de leer posts que tenía atrasados xD Al final te ha quedado chula la habitación, felicidades por el examen, no te preocupes por la gente que se va y alegrémonos por la gente que está (aunque lejos ;)), atropella a todas las abuelas que puedas por mi!!!, 4 meses después de volver de Erasmus yo también hecho de menos los viajes a conocer mil sitios T.T y… no hay nada mejor que ser políglota!

    P.D. Quizás me pienso un viaje para este verano por ahí… (fechas y lugar a determinar)… te apuntarías? (estoy recogiendo posibles voluntarios xD)

    Besos y abrazos a Tux ^__^

  3. xesc says:

    Toni, ponme en la lista. Estoy preparado para cualquier destino. Bueno, Islandia queda un poco lejos. Por cierto, ya me aclararás eso de que te “olvidaste” de matricularte… 😉

    Saludos de Tux.

  4. […] yeap, this post is short ;P PS2: oh, I’m repeating myself! I swear I didn’t remember I already wrote about it. […]

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