Cocktail’s borrel or walking

Can you imagine what I found last Friday at my office? Yes, you’re right. Alcohol. Six bottles of Vodka, 6 of tequila, and many more. It was the Cocktail Borrel! First impression:

– Oh, mijn God! Not again!

Having free alcohol from 5 PM can never be good for my health. Fortunately, some friends had invited me for a walk, on Saturday morning, in the “deep” forest of the Netherlands. As I discovered later, there is no such thing, but the trip was really worth leaving the party. So, after a few drinks, I went home at 7 PM and went to bed at 9 PM! Damn, I don’t recognize myself.

Even though I slept quite a lot, at 7 AM I was not quite sure if I had to go or not. Outside it was still dark, and nobody was on the street…

– Wait, there is actually somebody. Ummm… then perhaps I should wake up. :O

I took a shower, prepared my sandwiches and got my penguin. As usual, time flies, and I was quite in a hurry. Let’s go to the Station! There I found the group still buying tickets to Maarn. What a relief. I knew some people, but not everybody, so presentations began. The group was quite international. Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic, Canada, Taipei, Iran (?), Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. Fourteen people in total.

We took the train to Utrecht, and there we found Mary and Bruno to complete the group. While we’re waiting for the stoptrein to Maarn, we saw a lot of people queueing to buy tickets. The NS kaartautomaat were out of order! The funny thing was that some people were still trying to get tickets from the machine, not willing to wait in such a long queue. Well, it was not really funny for the people who was losing their trains I guess is some kind of “deformación profesional” that I always laugh at technical errors like this, specially at the BSoD on airport monitors.

Once in Maarn, we started walking and enjoying a really beautiful day. I was really proud of myself being able to wake up early. We were talking all day and taking pictures. The best moment was when we arrived at some kind of lake or open area. I really liked the tree reflex on the still water.


I was really missing a contact with the nature. During this trip I remembered some other walks to Montseny or la Cerdanya. I felt really happy last Saturday! 😀

PS: when we came back to Utrecht Station, people was still queueing…


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