Today, just a few hours ago, I started moving to my new room. I’ve bring a box, some books and a bag. I just wanted to see the room and take some pictures. Tomorrow I plan to move another box and 2 bags, and then my big suitcase. That way, on Sunday, I will only have to move the computer , a mattress, and few things more. 😉

When I was getting out, I met two of my flatmates. They asked me when I’ll enter the house. I guess that will be on Sunday, after the final moving and eventual shopping of furniture.

New room Insulindeweg 1

What I haven’t found is the Internet connection. I hope there is some way to plug my Ethernet cable! I can’t live without my Internet! Well, I already lived without before, and I don’t have any connection at home (Majorca). BTW, just 8 days to fly! I’m really looking forward to go home, because this week I’m getting desperate. Everybody want things done now. That’s just not possible!

Well, that’s all folks! 😉

Update! Some pictures of my new room. Please, take a look. 😉


One Response to Verhuizing

  1. Tomeu says:

    Si tens foganya i tot!!!!!!!!

    Te podràs sentir com a ne’s Barranc!!!!!!!

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