Busy August

Next month will be a busy one. Starting this weekend, I am going to Ameland, on top of the Netherlands, with 2 friends. We already planned it two weeks ago, but there was always something disturbing our plans. I hope that the weather will be nice. We never know!

Next weekend, on Sunday, I’ll fly to London for business. I still don’t know exactly what I am supposed to do. I guess installing some new PCs, adding some extra memory to the server, and supporting our users in the UK. I will stay there for only 2 days. On Sunday I would like to visit The British Museum. They told me that is very impressive. As a plus, the entrance is free, so, what I am waiting for? 😀

On Monday I’ll work hard at the office, and on Tuesday, back to the Netherlands. I should be back before 17h, because my parents are arriving from Majorca to visit me. We’ll certainly meet at the airport, each one with his own luggage. I’ll take some days free to guide them around Holland until Sunday. Then two more weeks of working and the 24, let’s go on Holidays!

But before going to Majorca, I still have to verhuizen (change address). If nothing happens next Monday (more about that later), I’ll move to Insulidenweg the 18 August. Anybody free to help? I guess I’ll rent a fragoneta to move a mattress, a big luggage, my 2 CRT monitors, desktop computer, laptop (yeah, the one is dead), books… Well, you know, that kind of things. Then, when I’ll come back from holidays, I plan to buy some second hand furniture. IKEA is great and cheap (?), but I like to be different. I am looking forward to decorate my new room! 😉

Well, and what happens next Monday? I don’t know if I should tell you now… The fact is that yesterday, I received a call from another house, with a nice garden, nice people sharing dinner, closer to my job… Well, is what I really want. The only problem is that I already payed the deposit for the other room, “i no m’agrada fer mal papers”. Just after that call, the phone ringed again… to sign the contract for the first room. I postponed it to Tuesday. Argh! I don’t like these compromised situations. I had a good feeling about the garden house, but I never thought they we’ll invite me to dinner with them. If just I had known in advance… En fin, we’ll see on Monday if I match in CWDelft. If not, I’ll keep the first room, sign the contract, “y tan contentos”. Otherwise, I’ll have to look for someone serious to put in my place. And solve money affairs.

“Com va dir un cec a un sord: ja ho veurem!”

Cheers, and see you soon! 😉

PD: ah, falten 29 dies.


One Response to Busy August

  1. Tomeu says:

    Ves alerta with the fragoneta :-p

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