Massa fàcil

Too easy. No instemmings, no long calls, no desperation. I just put an entry in the intranet last Thursday, and yesterday a colleague told me that she was verhuizing. The same day I visited the room. It was perfect. Lot of space, moqueta, heating, nice views. The only thing I am worried about is that I still don’t know if visitors are allowed. The rest is just… too easy.

“Encara no puc cantar victòria.”

Today I talked with the owner, that lives in the same building and plays flamenco, but I still don’t have any contract signed. Both of us forget about it. However, I agreed to all requirements. Nothing special. The usual thing. No smoking, no pets, nothing in the corridor, cleaning kitchen and bathroom, no flags on the window and silence from 23h to 7h. Nothing about visitors. The rent is not cheap, but not abusive (327). A just price for the space I’ll have. And is all inclusive. I only have to buy some furniture. Only the most important, a bed, a table to put my computer ant that’s it. I’ll begin to do some research in second hand shops and friends going home. And then I’ll decorate my room as I wish, poc a poc. No stress.

Ummm… Perhaps I could bring my old Super NES from Majorca. And buy some nice games, like Legend of Zelda or UN Squadron. Yes, it could be fun. 😉

I feel strange. I thought it will be more difficult. What I’ll do until my verhuizing? Ummm… I have a whole month to think about it. Any ideas?

PD: jam sessions are cool. 😀


4 Responses to Massa fàcil

  1. korrey says:

    Gefeliciteerd! 🙂
    Enhorabona! Aquesta volta te tocava així, ja t’ho posaren difícil l’any passat.

  2. Gallega says:

    Felicidades!!!, seguro que tu nueva habitación está mejor que la que tienes!!!. Mucha suerte en el nuevo piso.

  3. Toni2 says:

    uuuh, ya tenemos nueva habitación que okupar!

    Un desalojo
    otra okupación! 😉

    P.D. Me he pegado un viaje de 10 días por el sur de Italia (campings y bocatas de jamón en dulce y choped) Las playas de Capri y de la Puglia son impresionantes.

  4. TORRENTE says:

    but…. What’s happen with your new flatmates? Don’t tell me,…. all are nice girls,… perfect!

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