I just sign up for a Twitter account. The idea is simple. Inform your friends about what you’re doing in short sentences. Kind of a mini-blog. I think it can be useful to make annotations and then revise them some time later. You can put links, share ideas… Of course, to work properly, you should update quite frequently.

I tried to add a JS in the sidebar, but that feature is not activated. And the updates via IM don’t work either. :’-(

Let’s try one more time! BTW, anyone wanna join as a friend?

Update! WP doesn’t let you include JS, but I just discovered you can use an RSS feed. Now I have news displayed on the top right corner. Happy happy! ;D


4 Responses to Twitter

  1. Toni says:

    Hey!!! quin tenps fa per Holanda? ho deman per si he de agafar roba de hivern o basta amb unes camisetes i calçons curts? que dilluns sobre les 10:00 sortire de un fantastic Airbus de ClikAir a s’aeroport de Amsterdam!!!!!! (aixo es lo que esper, tots coneixem Iberia,…)

  2. TORRENTE says:

    I don’t undesrtand,…is it just for sentences? You have too many time.

  3. xesc says:

    Well, you can write more than one sentence. The idea is to tell everybody what are you doing. Yeah, today I was a bit bored… 😉

  4. Toni2 says:

    Xesc tio… tienes demasiado tiempo libre xD si quieres te dejo estudiar para mi examen de Informatica Grafica e Multimedialità! ; )

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