Oh yeah! It’s raining again!

Yeah! I’m so happy now! 😉

When I came back to the Netherlands 2 weeks ago, after my holidays in Majorca, I felt quite depressed by the weather. Now, I’m used to. Sometimes there is sunshine, sometimes we get some showers. That’s how things work here. That’s live. So you better get used to.

I’m also happy because I’ve returned to “normal” live here. Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to Industrial Design “kind of” party. Beer at 70cts and music till 22pm. I met some friends and we talk till late. Today I trained Karate for the last time of this year. It was nice to see again all my colleagues and practice with them. Next week there are competitions! I just enrolled in the “black belts” team of volley beach. I hope they don’t get afraid of my bad play style. xDDDD

Tomorrow, “borrel op de twalfde”, birthday dinner and party. But don’t tell anybody. It’s a surprise! 😉


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