Trip to Köln, DelftBlues, JvB and more


I’m quite busy those days, but I’m still alive. Last weekend I went with some friends to Germany in an improvised trip. We visited Köln and Düsseldorf, and tried to find a “corn” labyrinth, lost somewhere in the rural Germany. It was real fun, and today we’ll meet (hopefully) to share all the pictures and talk about the whole thing.

This weekend has also been quite intensive. On Friday we went to the “classical” JvB (Jacoba) party. As usual, the party was at 2 flats at the same time, but this time they were connected with several interior stairs, so you could go from one to another without “passar fred”. Mola! At the end, however, everything is a bit “messy”. That’s why I don’t usally show up at this kind of parties. And yesterday we went to the Delft Blues Festival. Nice music and all the cafes crowded of people. Young and on their sixties, all together dancing and having fun.

– Why this post in (somehow) English?
En waarom niet?
– When will I write next one?
Geen idee.

PD: Don’t worry, as soon as I collect the rest of the “ants trip” pictures I’ll put them on the blog. 😉


3 Responses to Trip to Köln, DelftBlues, JvB and more

  1. korrey says:

    So you had a lot of work, eh? XD Did you go to Köln’s carnival?

  2. Xesc says:

    I’m not as free as before, when I was a student, but I’m happy anyway! 😉

    It was not carnival yet at Köln, but German people were very enthusiastic. You could see them dressed up as “mosqueteros”, , clowns, traditional costums, etc. I cannot imagine how will be the real carnival! It has to be fun! xDDD

  3. […] Improving my cultural life. I was also moving around, in “discover” mode. Paris, Köln, Brussels, Torino, Praha & Budapest (post is still in draft), […]

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