Recovering digital life

Hey folks! I’m back! 😉

After five intensive days with some Spanish friends visiting the Netherlands, I’m back to normal life. Now I’m downloading pictures, reading mail, checking simulations results… that kind of stuff. Not so many unread mails, though.

I have a lot of things to write down, but first I have to take care of my “ants”. I just want to tell that I’ve got a fantastic holiday, visiting a lot of museums and “souvenir” shops, dancing on the gay pride party in Amsterdam, travelling by bike and train in rainy and sunny days, trying to understand the misterious life of “elfs”, and a lot more. As soon as I can I’ll post some pictures. 😉

Thanks to all my friends, seguidores del gran WUP!!! x-DDDDDD

Tot ziens!


5 Responses to Recovering digital life

  1. xesc says:

    Por cierto, ahora mi bici va a velocidad “élfica”. El entreno con Agus de paquete ha valido la pena! 😉

  2. Pixacans en tu ayuda says:

    “dancing on the gay pride party”


    He de xerrar amb en Busquets urgentment per veure si ja ha trobat sa vacuna. Es veu que la plaga és pitjor del que hem pensava…

    Per cert: d’aquí a uns dies…. taxannnnn… Costera 2006… Un any més!

  3. TDos says:

    Da da da da da x-DDD

  4. Cris says:

    Da da da da daaa

  5. TORRENTE says:

    Xesc esta bé que hagís arribat a un estadi superior de bohemio……però condicionar o redescubrir la teva condició sexual! Xerrarem amb Pixacans en tu ayuda, ja que m’han dit que et vengueren a veure

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