Ik heet Xesc en vandaag is het dinsdag.

My name is Xesc and today is Tuesday.

Yes! I have (at last) started my Dutch lessons. In the first class we’ve learned how to say our name, some pronouns, numbers, days of the week… The most difficult is the pronounciation. I don’t think I will ever be able to speak fluently, but if I could read the newspaper and understand something, I’ll be happy.

We are not a lot of people, only 6 students. I think that’s good, because everybody becomes implicated and the lessons are more “familiar”. We take the lessons at Annelies’ (the teacher) home. She is very friendly. She answers every question we have and has even offered us some tea.

We’ll have class every Tuesday until June. Nice. I hope to learn some Dutch by then. Next Thursday I will practice a little bit with my Karate friends. And now, some Dutch studying… It is always more fun that just Maths. 😀



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